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Control Crafted with You in Mind

Control4 leads the industry in personalized automation systems, designed to empower users to make their home and business technology experiences precisely their own.

Control Crafted with You in Mind

Control4 leads the industry in personalized automation systems intelligently designed to empower users to make their smart home and business experiences precisely their own.

The New Smart Home Standard

Control4 offers effortless, personalized control of home technology, such as smart shades and lighting, with fluid, intuitive interfaces and more than a thousand new features. As a certified Control4 dealer, we can help craft smart home experiences entirely unique to homeowners in Washington Park, CO and surrounding areas.

Have An Existing System?

Enjoy The Reimagined Smart Home Experience

Touch Panel with control4 interface on blue background
At-a-Glance Views of Your Most Vital Devices
Create at-a-glance dashboards of your lighting, shades, door locks and more to quickly ensure that your home is protected before going to sleep.
Touch Panel with control4 interface on green background
Your Favorite Controls on One Dashboard
Your smart devices, scenes and entertainment of choice are now front and center for instant access on the new Favorites dashboard screen.
Touch Panel with control4 interface on black background
One-Stop Access to Your Entertainment
Easily stream, share and manage your favorite music and video in any room or throughout the entire home from a single interface.

    The Perfect Scene for Any Moment

    One-touch lighting control goes beyond convenience by crafting the ideal ambiance for parties, dinners, holidays and more. Custom-tailored scenes paired with beautifully embellished keypads and hands-free automation makes lighting control a must-have for any home.

    Smart Lighting from Bright to Brilliant

    It’s not a switch. It’s not a bulb. It’s about setting the perfect scene—every time.

    Lighting Control

    Kitchen with white cabinets and pendant lighting


    Eliminate wall clutter and expand interior design opportunities during new construction or renovation with centralized lighting control that replaces individual switches around your home with elegant, discrete keypads.
    Control4 touch panel on wall above light switches


    There’s no need to tear open walls for new cabling if you’re replacing the lighting in an existing home. Control4 wireless dimmers, switches and keypads are a perfect solution for the control you want without the hassle or the mess.
    Amazon alexa sitting on table in front of wooden furniture

    When >> Then Automation

    Fine-tune your lighting to behave in accordance with the time of day, the seasons and your routines. The When >> Then personalization tool makes it easy to set conditions for your interior and exterior lights to complement your unique lifestyle.


    Control4 lighting keypad on wall


    Replace traditional light switches with stunning keypads that come in a variety of colors and finishes. Customize your button configurations and engravings to perfectly fit your needs.
    Control4 and Amazon Alexa


    From a single fixture to the entire home, command your lighting hands-free by asking Amazon Alexa to set the mood for dinner, illuminate the porch or turn off every light in your home before bed.
    Person touching a Control4 keypad on the wall


    Manage your lights from an intuitive touch screen mounted on your kitchen and entryway walls or from a tabletop tablet for easy navigation while you cook, read or head out the door.
    Person holding iphone with Control4 interface on it


    Control is possible both inside and outside the home with the Control4 app that allows you to monitor and adjust your lighting from anywhere in the world.

    Smarter Living Your Way

    Imagine your dream smart home, then watch Control4 bring it to life. Their scalable products, compatibility with third-party devices and intuitive remotes and interfaces come together to create a fully customizable, easy-to-use smart home system the whole family will enjoy.

    Want to Have a Smart Home?

    Complete smart home control. Top to bottom.
    Inside and out.

    Amazon alexa on wooden furniture
    Control Where You Need It
    Controlling your home is effortless no matter where your day takes you. Use the Control4 handheld remote while watching TV, an in-wall keypad when you’re walking out the door, your smartphone while away from home and more.
    Control4 Touch Panel sitting on a pile of books
    One App for Everything
    Adjust your lights, lock your doors and bring down the shades—all from the same platform. Control4 communicates with over 300 brands outside of their own purpose-built solutions so you can use all the products you love in just one app.
    Large modern home lit up at dusk
    Never Lift a Finger
    Let your smart home do the work for you so you never have to tap a button. Wake to rising shades and your favorite music, arrive from work to a beautifully lit home and say goodnight as Control4 arms your security system.